【tdr0125】How did The Incredibles was filmed?


In 2004, November 5 (2014, December 4th in Japan), the feature-length computer graphic animation film “The Incredibles” was released. This is the 6th film that Pixar Animation Studio released feature-length animation and is the first film that “human society” was used as the stage of the film.

So, this is a story of a active family that created power with “Mr. Incredible: Bob Parr” who is a “super hero battled for world peace” and “Elastigirl: Helen Parr”.

By having special power that people don’t have their kids were having constrained life by hiding the power. The second child, the eldest son of Parr family “Dashiell Robert Parr (a.k.a Dash)” is impatient to show the power of his.

His special power is to run super fast and that speed can make him able to run on the water and camera cannot catch him. He is a naughty boy and is an icebreaker in the family.

Of course “Dash” has so many running scenes than others.

From the warm up run to runs that make him out of breath are used in various scenes. The voice actor of “Dash” “Spencer Fox” also had to run.

This idea was from the director “Brad Bird”.

In the film there is a scene “Dash” runs using his own power to the limit and speaks while getting out of breath and he made “Spencer Fox” to lap around the studio to be more “real”.

So, he ran the studio and while he was out of breath they recorded his voice. Because he is actually out of breath, so it made it more real than pretending.

I am sure Spencer wasn’t expecting the director to say “run”. And if his acting kept failing to satisfy the director… I would feel sorry for him.

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