【tdr0124】That “toy terrorizer” is now working?


Pixar Animation Studio’s synonym “Toy Story”, the blockbuster series. The first film was released in 1995 and the completion series the third film was relased in 2010. This story was completed after 15 years.

And inside the “Toy Story” world, the time went by like in the real life the story of third film was the 10 years after the first film. Andy who was the owner of main character “Woody” became 17 years old and I am sure many people felt certain emotion when he was moving on from the toys.

Anyway, after 10 years, Andy stepped into the world of grown-ups, so “toy terrorizer” “Cid” who lived next door of Andy in the first film is also became an adult. And it is hard to believe, but he is working!

The job he has is “Garbage Collector”.

How he is wearing a t-shirt with his trademark skull, a vest from the company, hat and headphones and collecting garbage somehow have typical of him still. The time he appears on the screen is only few seconds, but is a precious scene to see him grown up from a mischievous boy.

Although, he is still wearing same skull t-shirt even his body shape has changed….is he buying the same t-shirt in different size for over 10 years? Even the time goes pass by we are still into this film from the work of fine performance of Pixar.

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