【tdr0122】Manga artist who inspired by Disney films.


Phoenix, Jungle Emperor Leo, Black Jack, and Astroboy…Manga artist and animator “Osamu Tezuka”(1928 – 1989), who left master masterpieces and made the basic of manga expression as a leading person of story manga.

He used to call himself “Disney mania”. That’s how much he loved Disney.

When he became “Disney mania”, it was 1983, at 9 years old.

It was the time he saw the Disney film for the first time at “Manga film festival” that takes place at Asahi hall in Osaka every New Year’s. At that time a boy Osamu Tezuka was moved strongly by Disney film and goes into Disney’s worldview.

Also, when his father bought home projector, which was very rare, film of “Mickey’s Choo-Choo” came with it and Osamu watched over and over again. Since that watching Disney at home on Sundays became the habit and he was deeply engaged in Disney that he watched Snow White for 50 times and Bambi for 80 times.

There is an anecdote that he was so into pirated book of Mickey Mouse, which was published when he was at 7 and he traced the picture over and over again and he made improvement until the quality he can send to Disney (from his story).

Disney inspired Osamu Tezuka from various directions like manga or animation.

By that manga artist and animator Osamu Tezuka was born and he became the one to inspire the nowadays manga artists and animators.

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