【tdr0113】Something from other film appear on Toy Story 3?


The feature-length computer graphic film that is a popular series completion “Toy Story 3″ from Pixar Animation Studio. It was released in 2010, July 10th in Japan (2010, June 18th in United States of America) and is a hit film that reached over $1,000 million in total.

Half of 4 years of production dedicated to creating the story and principal of Pixar that regarded the quality of film as important leaded to the success.

So, with such popular series completion, Pixar haven’t forgotten to create humorously. It is because, “characters from other film appears” on this film, which is familiar idea.

Which character is appearing on the screen of “Toy Story 3″?

The answer is hiding in Andy’s room.

Actually, in Andy’s room you can see “Finn Mcmissile” that appears the first time in “Cars 2″. “Cars 2″ was released in 2011, so he made early debut. Also, with calendar, you can see runaway car “Snot Rod” from “Cars”.

Other than that, on the clothes of kindergartener that wears glasses and goes to Sunnyside there is number of “Lightning McQueen” is printed.

Also, in “Toy Story 2″, calendar in Andy’s room was related to Pixar too. Pay attention to figures or posters when watching Pixar films.

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