【tdr0111】What’s the origin of “Planes 2: Fire & Rescue”?


“Planes” series by Disney Toon Studio.

The first film “Planes”, the vehicle main character film like “Cars” series. The theme of the second film “Planes 2: Fire & Rescue” is rescue team. This film has more of disaster movie and adventure movie elements.

“Planes” used to acknowledge as a film that is influenced by Disney Pixar’s “Cars”. But default setting of the main character wasn’t a plane or vehicle it was a human. Director of the first series of “Planes” Kley Hall expressed as followings at interview when the film was released.

Klay; John Lasseter from “Toy Story” and I both are big fan of machines. We talked about films often on the extension of machine. Then I brought an idea to him that “why don’t you have a theme of steam trains?” when we were talking about the next film with him.

Klay: I planned a film of “Trains”, but the main character was a human and had western taste to it. Steam train had the supporting role. And as I was processing the plan, John said, “it would be funnier if making a plane as a main character”.

Klay: Then the first series of film “Planes” was born and take over the concept of “Cars”, which main character is a vehicle.

Klay: “Cars” is one of tremendous popularity film from Pixar and the pressure towards staff was huge.

Klay: But we bounced back the pressure and “Planes” achieved big hit. So, the second film “Planes 2: Fire & Rescue” was born.

For the second film was made screenplay by Bobs Gannaway. The biggest task for him was “how to create freshness and newness “Planes” Because we took over the idea from “Cars” and previous film, so it was a nightmare how to bring the freshness and how to bring the audience to the new world that they never seen” Bobs said.

He commented on such above about Plane 2.

He gave a theme of “things that only planes can do” on second film “Planes 2: Fire & Rescue” and expressed how incredible the planes are on entire film. “Fire fighting from the air” that rescue team does in the film can only be done by planes.

This film didn’t just took over the idea of “Cars” or “Planes”, this film is a totally new film that broken out from the influences from previous films.

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