【tdr0100】Disney pursue realistic movements.


Disney feature-length animation film “Bambi” was released in 1942, August 13. The movements of Bambi that can be seen in the film made many people surprise and gave sever shock to animation industry that time.

It still has great reputation that Bambi moves so real and is one of Disney’s masterpieces, but how it was possible to draw the movements that is so real isn’t familiar.

How did Walt create the realistic movements?

First, he left the deer in the land of “Walt Disney Studio”, which located in Burbank in California. Then he observed and studied the deer that runs around and how they run or how they jump.

Moreover, He learnt passionately about skeleton of deer from a painter who mastered anatomy. By that he thought of drawing accurately with moveable range of skeleton or natural movement of skeleton.

After studying and the time he spent producing the film was 6 years. Therefore, he was concentrated on Bambi from 1936 to 1942. The time during the World War II (1939 – 1945). He didn’t bother what was happening around him, he was just studying about the deer from various directions and never compromised to create the movements real.

No matter what, the Walt’s passion towards creating animation never changed. That is why Bambi was successfully completed and the movement he pursued came into life. So, it is understandable why Osamu Tezuka “watched Bambi 100 times”.

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