【tdr0096】How come some character from “Snow White” had no lines?


The world first feature-length colored animation and the first Disney Film “Snow Shite”. It is produced based on Grimm’s fairy tale and released in 1937, December 21st and in 1950, September 26th in Japan.

Characters like mascot that cannot talk about “Snow White” without them is “Seven Dwarfs”. Dwarfs with great individualities who are digging for diamonds at mine deep inside the mountain and did you know that names of each Dwarf are expressing the personality?

It is surprisingly some people don’t know their names, so let’s list it up.

*Doc/ Doctor: knowledgeable dwarf wearing glasses. A leader of the Dwarfs.
*Grumpy: very realistic and sentimental, but very sweet.
*Sneezy: bad with pollen.
*Sleepy: always looking sleepy.
*Bashful: shy and innocent.
*Happy: never looses the smile and energetic.
*Dopey: only dwarf that never says a word and has no beard.

So, “Dopey” is the only wired dwarf among the seven. When other Dwarfs have beard, talk, or sing, but only Dopey doesn’t fit in.

Ignore about the beard, but why he didn’t have any lines? Even he is so dopey, it doesn’t connect to him not having any line.

Walt Disney answered this question “he never tried to speak”, but actually “he couldn’t find a voice actor that fits Dopey’s image”.

Hmm, so he judged him not letting talk because unable to fine a voice actor. His judge seems too far. But by not speaking out, Dopey expressed himself with his action or behavior, so it was a successes showing his personality.

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