【tdr0093】Japanese fans that saved Little green men.


In 1996 (1995 in America), “Toy Story” was released as first feature-length computer graphic animation film. It became absolute gem of Pixar Animation Studio and the film was a big hit that box office revenue reached $362 million.

Also, One of attractiveness of “Toy Story” is that many “toys” like main character “Woody”, “Buzz Lightyear”, “Mr. Potato Head” that grabbed fan’s inspiration.

Toys of characters and Toy Story related goods was sold like hot pancakes.

There is a character that wasn’t very popular in the States, but was popular as “Woody” was existed in Japan. Which is “Little green men”. They are bunch of green aliens that has three eyes and always smiling.

They move as a group, doing things at their own pace, has no expression, but can see the pureness and yet somehow loveable. They make sound as they walk plus they move as a group, so sometimes it gets annoying, but that is also the charm too. This cute character was accepted with Japanese as reasons above.

By this fact, “Little green men” was saved. To explain that, in “Toy Story 2″, “Little green men” wasn’t the plan of making appearance of the film.

But “Little green men”, the character that is so popular in Japan. So, Pixar though if the Little green men not making appearance in the film Japanese fans will be disappointed. Then Pixar Animation Studio decided to keep the “Little green men”.

If they weren’t that popular in Japan, they probably didn’t appear through the series.

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