【tdr0092】Where did Ishibitsu that has Aztec gold went?


Film starring Johnny Depp that in motif of popular attraction “Pirates of the Caribbean” is “Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Perl”. It is a blockbuster pirate’s film, which released in 2003, July 9th (2003, August 2nd in Japan) and reached $350 million in United States of America of box office revenue.

In the first series of the story of this film is about battling with “pirates of Barbossa” who made appearance as finding gold medal “Aztec gold” that young “Will Turner” had. By cursed by taking “Aztec gold” and crew of Barbossa become skeletons when out in moonlight, so they try to gather 828 of “Aztec gold” and gave to Ishibitsu to free themselves from the curse.

That Ishibitsu is the size of big man can fit, but do you know where it went after the shooting?

It is so big that you may probably think it disposed already or displaying at “Pirates of the Caribbean” exhibition…but is probably hard to store that huge item.

So, to reveal where it went, it didn’t disposed it is reused. And the place that exist that cist is Anaheim, California Disneyland’s “Pirates of the Caribbean”. It is placed since 2006 when renewal was occurred and now it can be seen by going on the attraction.

It is the thing that fan of “Pirates of the Caribbean” want to see once. Although, Anaheim isn’t the place you can go tomorrow. Wish Tokyo Disneyland acquire items that used in the films.

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