【tdr0091】Voice actor of Tinker Bell is decided with cellphone?


In 2008, December 23rd, Disney film “Tinker Bell” was released. In this film she became the main character, which in the film of “Peter Pan”, which was released in 1953 in America she had no lines and existence of her was like a mascot.

From the slogan of “The most famous fairy in the world and secrete story that no one knows…”, it can see that she is very famous but has full of mysteries that is not revealed.

Tinker Bell that had no line in “Peter Pan”, so no voice actor was needed, but in this film she is the main character and needed to find voice actor for her.

You think main character of voice actor is decided by inviting “professional voice actors who have experience and abilities” and hold audition. Plus deciding the Disney film main character of voice actor, much more done professionally. But the audition was never held and hired voice actor in surprising way.

The way was “cellphone”.

The audition was held by applicants register at Disney official mobile site and access to official site of the film. After that applicants speak the line and their name and send.

Revolutionary idea of audition, which enable with both professionals and amateurs was held and can participate easily, so applicants were flooded. The total number of applicants reached 17,358. And it narrowed down to only 5 people to process another judge then the one was decided.

It is surprising that the person who got the place by going through the tough audition was an armature who had no experience of voice actor. Her name is “Ayari Fukamachi”. Since that audition, she made the debut as voice actor and now still work as a voice actor mainly Tinker Bell.

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