【tdr0089】What kind of behavior Walt took due to his passion towards “Peter Pan”


Disney film “Peter Pan” was produced based on “Peter and Wendy, a book of James Matthew Barrie. This film was released in 1953, February 5th (in 1955, March 22nd in Japan) and is the 14th of Disney feature-length animation film.

To produce “Peter Pan” animated film, it is obvious to get permission from playwright and fairy tale writer James Matthew Barrie who is a creator of “Peter Pan”. But the negotiation didn’t go smooth. James probably had special emotion towards to that piece. Walt Disney continues to convince James and finally acquired permission.

But why Walt had to negotiate passionately and how did he make James nod his head? That is because “Walt Disney loved “Peter Pan”.

Walt in boyhood, he always made his grandmother to read “Grimm fairy tales” or “fairy tale by Andersen” after the dinner. While getting know many stories, he became to like “Snow White” the best and second story that he loved was “Peter Pan”.

And one day, he saw the poster that announcing a play of “Peter Pan” while he was on the way to school with his brother, so he used up all his pocket money to buy the ticket and went to see the play. He told that he felt huge shock when he saw Peter Pan that he loves flew in the air.

That shock and inspiration probably was more than he could take in. Peter Pan influenced him so much that he decided to perform “Peter Pan” at school art festival and played the role of “Peter Pan” himself.

Because of the “Peter Pan” that he loved so much, the enthusiasm of creating animated peter pan film with his own hands moved him and that may touched James Matthew Barrie who is the creator of Peter Pan.

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