【tdr0086】The secret of number “95” on Lightning McQueen.


“Cars”, the feature-length computer graphic animation film produced by Pixar Animation Studio was released in 2006, June 9th in United States of America and 2006 July 1st in Japan. The main character is red racecar “Lightning McQueen”. The number of “95” is on his beautifully lined red cool car body.

So, this number of “95” is used as number of participants of racecar, but do you know why he acquired “95”?

It is said that “95” is numbered after 1995, which “Toy Story” was released in United States of America. “Toy Story” is an important film that it was the first feature-length film with Pixar Animation Studio and is achieved big hits, so it is understandable.

Trailer before film was released, Lightning McQueen had “57” instead of “95”. To explain why 57 is John Lasseter, who directed “Cars” is born in 1957.

Disney films and Pixar films have some relation with even just the numbers, which is the great thing about it.

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