【tdr0085】Promise that made with name of main character of “Cars”.


“Cars” is a feature-length computer graphic animation film that produced by Pixar Animation Studio. This film was released in 2009, June 9 in United States of America and 2006, July 1 in Japan and won 64th Golden Globe Award for Best Animated Feature Film.

The main character is red racing car “Lightning McQueen”. In this film, McQueen become filled with rapture by having life spotlighting as “Super Rookie” and “classic puffed up” by having self-centered personality and cocky, but he meets new friends by getting lost in country town and he become mature.

So, main character “Lightning McQueen”, the beautiful line of red body and the name, everything about him is so cool. Actually this name, there is promise between animator is hiding behind.

The animator is “Glenn McQueen”.

I am sure you have realized he has the same last name as the main character “Lightning McQueen”, but Glenn is the origin of Lightning McQueen’s name. He was an excellent animator that designed “Woody” of “Toy Story” or “Boo” of “Monsters, Inc.”. But he was suffering “melanoma”, which is one of skin cancer and that illness continuously makes his body worse even receiving treatments and anything could not help him.

Staff that noticed about his illness and condition made promise to use his name as main character of Cars. After that, “Glenn McQueen” past away in 2002 at 42 years old.

That promise was kept Cars was released after 4 years. This film got great reputation and “Cars 2″ was released in 2011, June 24th, by that McQueen’s name acquired opportunity of appearing to center of stage.

The staff’s mind, “he will be lived in this film together with his name even he has past away” is hiding behind in this film.

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