【tdr0082】There were models of Aladdin?


Animation film “Aladdin”, which produced by Disney in 1992. Did you know there are real models of Aladdin, which is the title of film and also the main character?

Aladdin is a character that has sweet looks, cheerful, and a bit miserable, but is very kind to weak and moves funny, but there are three people were modeled as Aladdin during the process of creating this character.

First person is a Hollywood star “Tom Cruise” who is familiar with “Mission: Possible”, “Minority Report”, and “Last Samurai”. The reason why he became one of models of Aladdin is because of his “figure”. His sweet looks, kind smile, white teeth that peeks from his mouth when he smiles are utilized on Aladdin.

Second person is “Michael J. Fox” who played the main character of “Back to the future”. To be accurate, “Martin McFly” that “Michael J. Fox” played at “Back to the future” is the model of “personality of Aladdin”. Now that is revealed, Aladdin’s funny behavior or miserable character is familiar with “Martin McFly”.

And third person is “M.C Hammer” who blow over people’s mind with unique street dance and music like “You can’t touch this”. His “action and behavior” was used on Aladdin. The sharp movement that called Hammer dance became the model of Aladdin.

It is weird to think Aladdin was born by putting these three models together.

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