【tdr0080】Voice Actor that continuously appears on Pixar films?


Pixar Animation Studio is famous with full computer graphic films. Tom Hunks, Tim Allen, and Steven Buscemi the famous actors are appearing as voice actors in Pixar films and it became famous worldwide.

Did you know that there is a voice actor that appears on every film that Pixar released from “Toy Story”, which released in 1995 to “Monsters University” released in 2013.

The voice actor is “John Ratzenberger”. He is an actor and voice actor bon in 1947.

It is more like usual thing and is jinx for John to appear in the film as a voice actor. So, I have listed what he played in which film, so check it out.

○”Toy Story” (1995)/ “Toy Story 2″ (1999)/ “Toy Story 3″ (2010)
Hamm – piggy bank

○”A Bugs Life” (1998)
P.T. FLEA – the head of circus

○”Monsters, Inc.” (2001)/ “Monsters University” (2013)
The abominable snowman – yeti

○”Finding Nemo” (2003)
Moonfish – School of fish

○”The Incredibles” (2004)
Underminer – enemy that appears before the ending. Game of boss that appears last.

○”Cars” (2006)/ “Cars 2″ (2011)
Mack – transportation trailer

○”Ratatouille” (2007)
Mustafa – head of waiter

○”WALL-E” (2008)
John – a person who lives in Axiom

○”Up” (2009)
Tom – construction man

○”Brave” (2012)
Gordon – Scottish guard of the Danburohho Kingdom.

It is amazing how he appears on every film.

Also, at ending of “cars” that was released in 2006, parody film on him is playing and from this we can tell how special John is to Pixar.

Parody film titles are “Toy Car Story”, “Monster Truck Inc.”, and “Bugs Life”

It is brilliant how the title changed funnily.

Moreover, “Planes” that produced from Disney Toon Studio and a spin off film of “Cars”, he appeared as voice of jet tug Harland. He continuously surprises us with his excellent talent.

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