【tdr0076】How did Sulley from “Monsters, Inc.” fur was made?


“Monsters, Inc.”, a feature full computer graphic animation film that produced by Pixar Animation Studio and Walt Disney Pictures. This is the fourth feature animation film that Pixar produced and John Lasseter (directed and wrote the scenario of Toy Story) served executive director for the first time with Pixar and Pete Doctor directed for the first time.

This film was released in 2001, November 2nd in America and 2002, March 2nd in Japan. It became a big hit that exceeded five hundred million dollars box office revenue.

Anyway, it is such “Monsters, Inc.”, it is different from other Pixar films they struggled with something…. That is “monster’s fur”. “Monsters, Inc.” is different from other masterpiece like “Toy Story” or “Bugs Life” that many hairy monsters appear in the film.

To draw this “hairiness” Pixar had to put so much effort for that.

First, it was how to create the “bushiness”.

Of course it cannot create that simply adding hair, so they had to learn how does the natural fur looks like by gorilla, orangutan, and bison’s fur texture, number of hair, and movement. By that main character “Sulley” acquired 2,320,413 of hair.

Having said that, if he doesn’t move naturally even having bushy hair it would be weird. So, they used random number generator and created natural hair that moves randomly. Because of this Pixar acquired great reputation.

Although, this process was nothing you can imagine. It took 12 hours for one frame to draw sulley’s hair because of former computer processing capacity had limit. Also, had restriction of “one hairy monster by one second” arithmetic capacity-wise.

Masterpiece “Monsters, Inc.” was completed after overcoming those hard works.

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