【tdr0072】Which movie influenced “Little Mermaid”?


“Little Mermaid” is Disney’s last hand-drawn animation film. This movie was released 1989, October 17th in United States of America and in 1991, July 20th in Japan then in 2008 it performed on Broadway and in 2013 Shiki Theatre Company performed, that’s how masterpiece the Little Mermaid is.

Actually there was a movie that influenced this masterpiece.

The movie is a fantasy love story “splash” that released in 1984, March 9th. This film was directed by “Ron Howard”, who also directed “The Da Vinci Code” and “Tom Hunks” and “Daryl Hannah” played leading role.

Until this moment, you might just imagine the typical love story film.

But it is not.

It is because this film was made with “Touchstone Pictures”, which established as movie department of “Walt Disney Company”. And also the film is a “love story of young man and mermaid that set in present-day of New York”, so it has little bit of similarities.

Anyway, why this film influenced “Little Mermaid” is because of mermaid’s hair color.

Ariel is a mermaid with “red hair”, but before “Little Mermaid” comes out, “blonde” mermaids were popular. “Splash”, which is a film influenced Little Mermaid had “blonde” mermaid and even some staff from “Little Mermaid” have image of “mermaids are blonde”.

But when letting Ariel have “blonde” hair she becomes the usual and not interesting and more than anything that would insult “Splash” mermaid figure. To avoid that Ariel’s hair was decided “red”.

Therefore, red hair looked beautiful in the sea and is a great match with her green tail fin. Red hair created beauty of drawing that couldn’t create with blonde hair. If Ariel had blonde hair… She may be the normal character with nothing special about it.

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