【tdr0071】”Little Mermaid” Ursula’s leg isn’t the octopus’s?


“Little Mermaid is made based on “Mermaid” written by Hans Christian Andersen, Disney’s last hand-drawn animation film. This movie was released 1989, October 17th in United States of America and in 1991, July 20th in Japan. This piece called Disney film’s second golden era of starting point.

Disney Villains (Villains in Disney film) that appears on “Little Mermaid” is a big woman with grey hair and the lower body has octopus legs “Ursula”. The paleness and heavy makeup creates sense of villain excellently. She pretends to be on the main character “Ariel” side superficially, but does bad stuff behind her back is very villains.

Anyway, such “Ursula”, the octopus leg is became familiar nowadays, but do you know what other designs were there until they’ve decided to the final design? Ursula is one of characters that appears in “Little Mermaid” that was hard to decide the design.

At that time, the first design of “Ursula” was scorpionfish. Scorpionfish is a fish that has spiny on the dorsal fin and contains poison. Therefore the original “Ursula” had marble patterns below the breast, which is typical of scorpionfish and had spiny fin. This had poisonous feeling, but to compare with the last design, the original design is weak.

After getting rejecting the idea of scorpionfish, the trial and error continued and when reaching to the octopus leg, it didn’t happen easily.

Among the octopus legs design, there were Ursula looking very thin, which is totally opposite of the final design. And the face was drawn old, wrinkles are everywhere, the facial expression had bad attitude, but had no power on that design.

Character looking like this cannot go wild.

For us, the “completed figure” is the figure we first see, so any design ideas feel wrong. But we need to know until they reach the “right answer” of final design; they’ve gone through the hard time.

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