【tdr0069】The ring Jack Sparrow wearing is his ring?


Movie that taken motif from “Pirates of Caribbean”, which is a popular attraction of Disney Parks around the world played by Johnny Depp is “Pirates of Caribbean”.

At the beginning, people said the movie would not be a hit because the story is based on attraction, jinx of Pirates movies never made a hit, or movies played by Johnny Depp never became a masterpiece, but this movie box-office revenue exceeded 305 million dollars in United States of America and was a great hit.

The actors acting is great, but without “Jack Sparrow” played by Johnny Depp, we cannot talk about “Pirates of the Caribbean”. His unique appearance, fingers that moves unsteadily, and that figure have very strong impact.

Anyway, Jack Sparrow’s fingers are frequently projected on the screen, so I am sure you see few rings on both hands. Look for the ring with green stone on the right hand.

Actually this ring with green stone is Johnny Depp’s personal belonging. And he bought it in 1989. “Pirates of the Caribbean” was released in 2003, so item that purchased 14 years ago has used in the movie.

The reason why he bought the ring was for the “interview for magazine” and bought it in secondhand shop.

Ring he bought happened to match the world of “Pirates of the Caribbean” and I am sure Johnny would never thought of the ring would become one of Jack sparrow’s replica item.

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