【tdr0064】The color of Genie in “Aladdin” was not blue?


Genie is a blue-colored, happy-go-lucky character of the lamp in the Disney film “Aladdin”. With the fast-talking and great sense of humor, he is definitely one of the best life-of-the-party characters in Disney films. Despite his magical power to grant three wishes, he never acts big and is always cheerful and kind to people.

In the film plotting stage, the color of Genie was not blue.

Surprisingly, the color was purple.

… If you imagine purple Genie, he may seem evil or a little uncanny… He would look like an enemy with a negative image. In that sense, it is good that he is blue now. But why did they decide to change the color?

It was because they thought the color purple was not suitable for a good character according to their color coding.

In the world of Aladdin, good things had been described in blue or yellow. For example, The Aladdin’s vest, Jasmine’s top and bottom clothing, Abu’s hat, magic carpet… all these items are described in blue, and the King Sultan wears light yellow costume. They all are the good.

The evil, on the other hand, had been drawn in red or dark colors. As you know, the main antagonist Jafar wears black and red costume and becomes dark red when he turns into a genie. The parrot Iago also has red hair.

To apply this rule, purple, a mixture of red and blue, is basically classified as a dark color, meaning the ‘evil’ (though it may depend on the ratio of red and blue).

If he has an ‘evil’ color but is a good character, the audience may be a little confused. That is why they decided to change the color from purple to blue.

It must be little known that they use a color coding like that. The audience may be unconsciously distinguishing between good and bad characters by the colors.

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