【tdr0055】Relation between “Toy Story” and “Jurassic Park”


“Toy Story”, the representative film of the Pixar Animation Studio, has various elements related to “Jurassic Park” in many scenes.

The first things in common are the characters.

A toy dinosaur “Rex” appears throughout the Toy Story series. It is said that adoption of this character is deeply related to “Jurassic Park”.

When “Toy Story” was being made, the world was experiencing a ‘dinosaur boom’ because of the release of “Jurassic Park” in 1993. Influenced by the great popularity, they decided to include a dinosaur toy in the film, riding the crest of the boom.

This was how Rex was born, but he is nothing like dinosaurs in “Jurassic Park”; he lacks in scary appearance and power, and is timid and careless ? opposite from what real dinosaurs are like. Rex himself is also feeling insecure about his lack of ferociousness. The character setting may be due to an idea that a normal scary dinosaur would be just boring.

There is another character related to “Jurassic Park”.

‘Janie and Pterodactyl’, which is a combination of the head of Andy’s neighbor Sid’s Pterodactyl and Sid’s sister Hanna’s doll, appeared in the first Toy Story. The Pterodactyl is an action figure from “Jurassic Park”.

Also, there is a scene in “Toy Story 2” where Rex chases after a car, which parodies a scene in “Jurassic Park”. There is also a T-shirt featuring “Jurassic Park” and “Toy Story 3”. In this way, there are hidden relations between the two films.

Watch the Toy Story series while having the scenes in “Jurassic Park” in mind, and you may make a new finding.

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