【tdr0054】A crisis during the making of “Toy Story 2”


The fully CG-animated feature film “Toy Story 2” was released on November 24, 1999 (March 11, 2000 in Japan), four years after the release of the first installment of the series. It won a Golden Globe Award for Best Motion Picture.

In the middle of making this film, the Pixar Animation Studios experienced a grave crisis.

What happened was accidental deletion of data.

One member of staff accidentally ran a delete command, which meant something like initialization of a computer. The command erased data on the server in a matter of seconds. The machine was unplugged for forced termination, but the command ended up deleting the work of 30 people over a year.

For the deletion, it only took 20 seconds.

The work of one year was lost in that short period of time. In normal circumstances, such data are routinely backed up. You may think data can be easily restored, but in fact, the latest backup data were one month old.

It is definitely a critical situation.

But there was a woman who saved the situation. It was the supervising technical director, Galyn Susman. Since she had been working from home to take care of her newborn baby, she had an entire copy of the film at home.

Once this set of data was found to be the latest, they tried hard to catch up using the data and could get out of trouble. Her data was no less a ‘godsaver’.

If she had not copied the entire data and brought them home… the release must have been delayed significantly.

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