【tdr0053】What are written on the road signs in “Beauty and the Beast”?


In the Disney’s animated feature film “Beauty and the Beast”, which was released on September 23, 1992 in Japan and on November 22, 1991 in the U.S., not only the Beauty (heroine) and the Beast (prince) described in the tile but also various characters appear.

One of them is the heroine’s father Maurice. He works as an inventor but is a little careless and tends to mess up. There is a scene in the beginning where he is lost in the woods on the way to the fair and comes across wooden directional signs. Look closely at the signs.

The signs showing four directions are so old that letters on them are blurred and hard to read. Let us stop the image and look carefully at the signs.

The four signs read the following names from top to bottom:

* SAUGAS: Massachusetts, United States
* NEWHALL: California, United States
* PALEMCIA: Spain (Hometown of one of the staff in Background Dept. of the film)
* ANAHEIM: California, United States (where the first Disneyland is located)

These area names are written on the signs.

It is surprising that familiar city names are written on the signs. And the indication of hometown must be a lifelong memory for the staff in Background Dept., which may make you envious.

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