【tdr0051】Secret behind the name of the heroine in “Beauty and the Beast”


“Beauty and the Beast”, the Disney’s animated feature film released on September 23, 1992 in Japan, is a love story between a beast and a beautiful woman, based on the French folktale with the same title.

The heroine, a beautiful woman as indicated in the title, is named Bell. She is a decent woman with brown long hair and yellow dress. By the way, do you know why she was named Bell?

You may think her yellow dress is shaped like a bell… but that is not the reason. Actually it has nothing to do with the English word ‘bell’ (hollow metal).

Then, why was she named Bell?

The answer is, she was named after the title of the original story. Well, that explanation may not be enough.

As the title suggests, the heroine as well as her name is the ‘beauty’. If we look at the title of the original French folktale, the beauty is ‘Belle’ in French.

Yes, it is just that her name means the beauty.

The title of the original French story is “La Belle et la Bête”. See? “Belle” (Bell) is included in the title.

The answer is very simple, but such a trivia can be a good topic of conversation. Why don’t you give a quiz to your friends and family? They may answer it comes from a bell (that rings).

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