【tdr0024】Mystery of “A113” in Pixar movies


Pixar Animation Studio is an American film-making company specializing in computer graphics animation. It has been producing a number of animation masterpieces with high-quality contents and pictures.

By the way, did you know that a certain string of characters is hidden in every Pixar movie? The string is “A113”. It may seem to have no meaning, but it actually refers to the classroom number at the California Institute of Arts.

Well, that is all. There is no other special meaning. It is kind of an ‘inside joke’ for animators graduated from the California Institute of Arts.

“A113” was first used in license plate number in “American Stories” (not Pixar film). Since then, it has continued to be used as a joke in films in which the alumni are involved.

Films in which “A113” appears are listed below in alphabetical order. (For non-Pixar films, the production company name is written in parentheses.)

[A Bug’s Life]
Code on cereal box placed at the entrance as Flik enters the city.

Written in Roman numerals (“ACXIII”) above the door to the witch’s cottage (first time to be written in non-Arabic numerals).

Mater’s license plate number. Model number of the freight train.

[Cars 2]
Mater’s license plate number. Siddeley’s tail.

[Finding Nemo]
Model number of the camera held by the scuba diver.

[Lilo & Stitch (Disney)]
Cobra Bubbles’ rental car, fire truck, tank truck, etc.

[Monsters, Inc.]
Found in the background when Sulley goes into the trash-compacting room.

[Monsters University]
Room number of the lecture hall for the introductory scaring class.

A tag on the left ear of a large rat named Git.

[The Brave Little Toaster (Hyperion Pictures)]
The apartment number where the Master (Rob) lives.

[The Incredibles]
Room number in Syndrome’s lair. The prison level where Mr. Incredible is held (“Level A1″ in Cell #13 (A1 & 13)).

[The Iron Giant (Warner Bros.)]
License plate on a car partially eaten by the Iron Giant. The “3” is bitten off.

[The Princess and the Frog (Walt Disney Animation Studios)]
License plate of the trolley Tiana jumped onto.

[The Simpsons (Matt Groening)]
Krusty the Clown’s prison uniform number (when he got arrested for robbery).

[Toy Story trilogy]
License plate number on Andy’s mom’s minivan. Airport announcement for “LassetAir Flight A113″, which is also a reference to the director John Lasseter.

The number of the court room that Carl went to.

The code for the secret mission given to the Axiom’s autopilot to never return to earth.

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