tdr0993_Mickey Mouse is which kind of mouse?


“Mickey Mouse” is a popular character worldwide.

As you already know he is a character created in motif of mouse, but which mouse became the model of him is not well known.

To begin with there are various theories why Mickey became a mouse character…

– Oswald rights were taken to other company and because there was a mouse on the train that Walt who was disappointed
– Walt had mouse as his pet
– Mouse used to appear in the room (Studio)

These theories are famous, but it is not clear which one is the truth.

Also, theory of “Walt changed hugely the mouse’s ugly features like ears, mouth, or legs”, which he had it as a pet” is generally famous, but this is a fictional story that it is created afterwards.

From things above, even it is still not clear which one became the model of Mickey Mouse when he was born, but officially “white house mouse” is the model of Mickey for now.

The white house mouse is the same mouse that Walt had for a pet, so may be that is related.

By the way, because house mouse was the model, so many negative opinions were gathered when Mickey made to the package of food for the first time.

Especially Edna who is a wife of Walt’s brother (wife of Roy)’s episode is famous that she aggressively rejected that “there is no way to use Mickey! Who would eat house mouse?”.

Now Mickey Mouse is on the food packages like nothing is wrong.

People would never thought house mouse character becomes familiar to the world this much when he made a debut.

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