tdr0982_Mickey looked weird at Hong Kong Disney?


Disney Park exists at all over the world such as America, Japan, France, Hong Kong, and Shanghai. Of course Mickey Mouse is so popular at every Disney Park. He fly around the world and has popularity globally over the borders.

Anyway, such popular Mickey looked unbelievably weird that cannot imagine at Hong Kong Disney.

That way of looking Mickey appeared in public in March 2013 with graduation event that was held at Hong Kong Disneyland.

Picture of Mickey wearing academic gown was released, but his left hand had “five fingers”.

Originally Mickey is a character with “4 fingers”, so it is unlikely him to have 5 fingers.

There is no way to make such mistake when the person is Disney related, so may be something went wrong?

By the way he holds diploma on his right hand, so it is not clear how many finger there is on the right hand.

But when there is 5 fingers on the left, so there is high possibility that his right hand has 5 fingers too.

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