tdr0959_Prometheus Volcano’s “super rare” hidden Mickey


“Prometheus Volcano” is 167feet high and symbol of Tokyo DisneySea.

The way it raise at center of the Park and the thrill it blows out the volcanic smoke is so real, but there is “hidden Mickey” hiding.

Also, it is “super rare” hidden Mickey that usually cannot be seen.

That hidden Mickey is the volcanic smoke (fire) of Prometheus Volcano.

To create the volcanic smoke of Prometheus Volcano to Mickey shape needs to satisfy climate conditions like wind direction or weather, so it cannot be seen that often.

Moreover, Prometheus Volcano is a “natural mountain”, so the time of it blowing out the volcanic smoke is not announced, so it is very hard to estimate the time it blows out.

Although, it seems like erupting every an hour according to shows and event usually, but if you haven’t seen it then why not paying attention by spotting on it?

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