tdr0937_Bare hands when Mickey Mouse made a debut?


When speaking of Mickey Mouse’s trademark, it is the red trousers, yellow shoes, and “white gloves”, right?

He is wearing the gloves at all times that he doesn’t take those off almost ever.

It is more like that white gloves became part of Mickey Mouse, but actually when he made a debut he didn’t have that white gloves.

Mickey Mouse made a debut with “Steamboat Willie”, which was released on November 18th 1982 and his hands were bare at that time.

From that until his 4th film his hands were drawn in bare and from the 5th film “The Opry House” he started to wear the gloves.

Behind the reason why his design changed in 4 months since he made a debut has aim of making Mickey personify.

When seeing Goofy and Pluto the dog characters, Pluto walks on all fours, but cannot speak doesn’t have gloves, but Goofy who can behave like human or can speak wears gloves.

Mickey Mouse started to wear gloves by having design that acknowledge people the Mickey Mouse is not just an ordinary mouse.

Now we are so used to seeing Mickey Mouse wearing gloves, so seeing Mickey Mouse having bare hands gives us strange feeling.

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