tdr0936_Shocking! How does Mickey Mouse’s bare foot look like?


When speaking of Mickey Mouse, he delivers fun time for Disney fans in various ways like his typical fashion of “red trousers”, “white groves”, and “yellow shoes” and costumes that changes by events or season, but his “bare food” is not really well known.

How does Mickey’s bare foot look like?

We can see Mickey’s bare foot on the beach scenes.

When Mickey or Minnie is drawn in swim wears the foot is of course drawn without shoes and it does look like foot of human, but there is only 4 toes like his or her fingers.

Because there are only 4 fingers, so of course the number of toes is the same.

May be because we are not used to seeing their bare foot, so it is kind of strange.

After all, they look good in shoes.

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