tdr0932_Huge Mickey appeared on top of Cinderella Castle?


“Finding hidden Mickey” is now became one of typical way of enjoying Tokyo Disneyland.

“Hidden Mickey” makes guests smile when finding it, but there are various sizes from big to small.

Of course there are made with human hands, but sometimes “hidden Mickey” involves nature.

On June 28th 2012, huge “hidden Mickey” appeared above the Cinderella Castle.

Coincidently, crack of clouds made profile Mickey shape.

This miraculous view was taken by many cameras and uploaded on Tokyo Disney Resort official Twitter. From the impact of the picture it was reTweeted for over 1 million users. It spread with blink of eyes and called a huge response.

Hidden Mickey that is created by nature does not appear that often.

When will be the next time we get to see it? Aren’t you excited?

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