tdr0931_Mickey Mouse is a rain-bringer? The reason of why he is called that


“Mickey Mouse” is the popular Disney character that you would want to see if you visit Tokyo Disney Resort.

But there are people who called such popular character a “rain-bringer”.

How come he is called that?

On April 15th 1983, which is the day Tokyo Disneyland opened.

On that day ceremony was supposed to held in front of Cinderella Castle, but unfortunately it was raining, so the ceremony was held at World Bazar.

Because the opening ceremony started with rain, so with day of celebration at Tokyo Disney Resort like first day of event or the last day of event has high chance of rain.

For example, the day Tokyo DisneySea opened, September 4th 2001, rain occurred on this day too. Also it was cloudy possible with showers on July 8th 2008, which is the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel opened, so people suffered bad weather.

From those things some people started to called Mickey “Maihama’s rain-bringer” or “rain-bringer star”, so when the rain occurs on the special occasion people upload like a pleasant topic.

Although, this is just messing with Mickey.

When bringing up the examples Tokyo Disneyland anniversary from 2000 to 2015 the rain was occurred for 3times of 2000, 2003, 2010.

If Mickey is really the rain-bringer it wouldn’t be strange to rain on most of the time.

No one would like the rain on the day of going to Disney Resort.

That is why people may blame on Mickey when the rain occurs.

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