tdr0880_What is Mickey’s rival in love “Mortimer Mouse” like?


“Mickey’s Rival” is a short film released in 1936.

With this film “Mortimer Mouse” who is Mickey’s rival in love and Minnie’s childhood friend appears.

Mortimer is tall and cool that he drives luxury car, but he has such an ugly personality that he crash Mickey’s luxury car, rocket punching by tangling his fake arm when shaking hands with Mickey, tearing two buttons of Mickey’s trousers and laugh, and numb Mickey who tried to counter attack with stun gun, so he does whatever he wants to do.

Mickey was supposed to have fun with picnic with Minnie alone, but because Mortimer disturbed Mickey became extremely mad.

Mortimer puts up a front that he beats out of rhythm with roasted chicken’s bone that he was eating or bullfight with aggressive cow over the fence with red picnic sheet to impress Minnie.

But actually he is such a “super chicken”.

Once the aggressive cow that he was playing bullfight with came out of fence he ran away alone.

When Mickey who rescued Minnie from the aggressive cow asked “do you still like him?” then Minnie says “Mortimer? No!”, therefor Minnie is so fed up with Mortimer.

That means even he is tall, has money, and showing himself off doesn’t do anything.

By the way, the name of “Mortimer Mouse” is an original name Walt Disney was going to give to “Mickey Mouse”.

Because Walt’s wife “Lillian” opposed strongly that it is “sound unpleasant”, “too fancy”, and “it sounds similar to “mortify””, so he named “Mickey Mouse”.

Walt received strong opposed, but he really wanted to use the name of “Mortimer Mouse” somehow.

That is why he created a character of Mortimer who looks fancy, but gets embarrassed at last, and Mickey’s in love rival.

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