tdr0786_Mickey Mouse himself has written? There is a memo in Japanese that Mickey Mouse wrote?


Mickey Mouse is a popular Disney character and also a world-famous superstar.

Mickey who is so popular that him appearing in public makes people gather around him is always kind to guests that he let everyone to take pictures with him and even give guests his autograph when ask for one.

His autograph says Mickey Mouse written hurriedly and English is used mainly, because he is from United States of America, but actually he can write Japanese too. There is a memo that proves he can write Japanese and it is at ToonTown of Tokyo Disneyland.

Memo in Japanese that Mickey wrote can be found at Mickey’s House and Meet Mickey”, which is an attraction in ToonTown.

Memo with illustration of Mickey is posted there.



To Lazy Broom Shop

Please deliver the broom that I ordered to Movie Barn.

Broom is needed for the movie that I am shooting now, so please make a delivery quick.



Soft and rounded writing and this form of writing gives great impression somehow.

It is playful how he writes spiral mark that uses in his autograph under the word “quick” that it is a memo with full of Mickey’s characteristic.

His writing in Japanese that cannot be seen at other places.

There are so full of fun performances at Mickey’s House.

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