tdr0773_History of Mickey’s costumes in Disney Halloween parades


For about one month from early September to the end of October, Tokyo Disney Resort holds a big autumn event “Disney Halloween”, where everything becomes Halloweenish.

The Halloween event has been held since 1997 in Tokyo Disneyland and since 2008 in Tokyo DisneySea. Many guests visit there from around Japan to enjoy the event.

At first, it was just a one-day event. From 2000, it was expanded into a long-term event like the current one with a variety of special programs.

The highlight of the event is the parade. The parade is popular for the Halloween costumes of Mickey and other characters that match the theme of the parade.

Every year, their costumes are attracting people’s attentions.

Disney fans should want to know what costumes Mickey and other Disney characters have had in the events.

Today, let’s look back on their Halloween costumes from 2000 to 2014.

– 2000 Disney Halloween Parade
A masquerade ball style with blue Venetian mask (only for around eyes), blue cloak, red jacket and pumpkin pants

– 2001 Disney Halloween Parade
A Dracula style with a top hat, black cloak with red lining and black tailcoat

– 2002 Disney Halloween Parade
A sorcerer style with Halloween color version costume of “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice”

– 2003 Disney Halloween Parade
A Dracula style with an orange top hat, orange cloak and orange tailcoat

– 2004 Disney Halloween Parade
A Chaplin’s style with an orange bowler hat, orange jacket and purple striped slacks

– 2005 Disney Halloween Parade
A king’s style with a pumpkin-shaped crown, greenish yellow jacket, pumpkin-shaped sleeves and pants

– 2006 Disney Halloween Parade Scream & Shout
A pirate’s style with a red pirate hat, white shirt, orange vest and red pants

– 2007 Disney Halloween Happy Haunted Parade
A Dracula style with a red top hat, red tailcoat and black striped slacks

– 2008 Disney Halloween Parade “Let’s Go Villains!”
A medieval European style with a red feather hat, a black jacket with a pattern of fire and a purple cloak

– 2009 Disney Halloween Parade “Re Villains!”
A prince’s style with a crown with coral reefs and a blue cloak with a pattern of seahorse

– 2010 Disney Halloween Street “Welcome to Spooky Vil.”
A gentleman style with a purple top hat with a window, orange coat and purple striped slacks

– 2011 Disney Halloween Street “Welcome to Spooky Vil.”
Same as 2010

– 2012 Disney Halloween Street “Welcome to Spooky Vil.”
A gentleman style with a top hat like a house, purple and orange striped jacket and purple pants

– 2013 Happy Halloween Harvest
Orange top hat, orange shirt, a cloak and a vest with leaves and yellow striped slacks

– 2014 Happy Halloween Harvest
Same as 2013

All the Halloween costumes are very colorful and unique.

Some costumes were used more than once, but still, we can see that enormous energy and effort have been spent on the costumes.

Let’s look forward to the costumes for coming Halloween events.

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