tdr0714_That Mickey failed big time? Mickey made a real mess at countdown event


Cute Disney characters appear at Disney parks. They always make guests enjoy with perfect performance.

Especially Mickey who is the busiest character and character that represents Disney never fail… I wish I could say that, but that Mickey failed at performance once.

On December 31st 2007, countdown event called “Mediterranean Harbor Countdown Celebration” was held at Tokyo DisneySea.

Before the main show of this event “Chip ‘n Dale’s Heat Service” was performed twice, but at the last one the disaster happened.

The “Chip ‘n Dale’s Heat Service” were supposed to go as shown below.

– Chip ‘n Dale call out “Do you want lava?” from the ship and performance that warms up around with fire of Prometheus Mountain.
– The ship catches fire and seek help.
– Mickey comes with water scooter to help.

That is the correct way, but the disaster happened when Mickey was on the way to go and help.

Water scooter that Mickey driving hit equipment on the water then the water scooter overthrow.

That happened just before the date changes, which was at 11pm.

To fall into ice cold water in middle of the night and in winter… I am sure Mickey himself panicked.

The music that was playing at event stopped due to Mickey falling into water. Dance show was kept going without music and Mickey was rescued by rescue boat.

After that he left the event, because he had another countdown event at Tokyo Disneyland. This became unexpected accident that remains in history of Tokyo DisneySea.

Even worldwide super star sometimes fail… It is obvious, but no one would have thought he would fall into water.

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