tdr0696_Mickey didn’t made his debut with “Steamboat Willie”?


“Certain film” was shown at Colony Theater in New York on November 18th (Sat) 1928.

That film was “Steamboat Willie”.

It is a short talkie animated film that is known as a film Mickey Mouse who is a popular character world wide made debut on.

Because it is his first film, so this day became his birthday, but this is actually “the day the film released publicly”, so in a real meaning his first film isn’t actually “Steamboat Willie”.

It is not well known, but he also appeared in two films before “Steamboat Willie”.

The two films are “Plane Crazy” and “The Gallopin’ Gaucho”.

“Plane Crazy” is 6 minutes silent animation and it is a film Mickey first appeared on screen. And the preview was held on May 15th 1928, which is half a year earlier than “Steamboat Willie”.

Disney wanted to sell this film, but because it had not much of difference than other silent animation, so film-distributing company never bothered.

And after “Steamboat Willie” became big it was recreated as a talkie animation then it was released as 3rd series on March 17th 1929.

And another one “The Gallopin’ Gaucho” was previewed as an silent animation on August 7th 1928, but this also didn’t make the film-distributing company happy, so it was also recreated as talkie animation and released as 2nd series on December 30th 1928.

If the film-distributing company accepted may be Mickey made quicker debut.

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