tdr0666_Hidden Mickey that used to hide at Jungle Cruise was eaten by anaconda!?


“Jungle Cruise” is an attraction that is loved by guests for over 30 years since it opened at the same time Tokyo Disneyland opened on April 15th 1983.

“Jungle Cruise: Wildlife Expeditions” after renovating over and over again was grand opened on September 8th 2014 is fresh in mind.

Anyway, the famous “hidden Mickey” used to exist at such typical attraction “Jungle Cruise”. May be people who are big fan of Disney then probably know what I am talking about, but that “hidden Mickey” is hiding the pattern of “python”.

The “python” appeared the second half of previous Jungle Cruise on left side of direction. It appeared as a huge snake that attacks baby buffalo and the profile “hidden Mickey” was drawn on body of that huge snake.

But this “python” was taken away after renovation and it was changed to “anaconda”.

By the way, the anaconda appears on the right side of direction before the Schweitzer Fall. The color changed from “python (brown)” to “anaconda (green)”, so the weirdness boosted up.

Even there is no “hidden Mickey” the huge snake appearance with full of thrill is worth seeing. Please check the huge snake closely if you haven’t experienced the new “Jungle Cruise”.

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