tdr0662_”Hidden Mickey” that created by light from sun!?


“Hidden Mickey” is familiar with Tokyo Disney Resort that it is expressed boldly, hiding quietly inside the illustration, or blending in the pattern of wallpaper, road, or item.

I am sure there is many people try to find the hidden Mickey unconsciously while walking around the Disney park.

Anyway, when speaking of hidden Mickey, it usually drawn or made with things, but there is hidden mickey without having a shape.

And it has limitation that it can only be seen during the day. Do you know where it is?

The place that hidden Mickey can be seen is the slope in front of Tokyo Disneyland’s symbol “Cinderella Castle”.

There is a fence that shaped like three-leaf clover on the side of slope and when the sun light comes through the clover area then hidden light Mickey projects out on the slope.

Hidden light Mickey can only be seen when the terms meet.

How about visiting there when it is sunny?

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