tdr0649_Shocking fact? Is it true that Mickey’s house exists in Hakone?


It is all the sudden, but what do you imagine when you hear “Mickey’s house”?

Is it the attraction “Mickey’s House and Meet Mickey” that is located at Tokyo Disneyland or Anaheim Disneyland?

Or the house that appears in animation?

Either ones, I am sure majority of people get an image of house that Mickey lives.

That is house much an image of “Mickey = Mickey Mouse” is fixed, but actually there is “Mickey House” that doesn’t have any relation with Mickey Mouse in Hakone where famous hot spring area.

“Mickey’s House” is located about 10 minuets away from Nakagoura Station of Hakone by walk.

It seems like a white house with delta roof, but actually it is a restaurant.

That restaurant carries various types of food widely like typical western food hambur, popular lunch set ginger-fried pork, or ramen that is great if it carries.

It is actually a famous restaurant around there from the name, but why the owner named the restaurant “Mickey’s House”?

The reason that restaurant name became “Mickey’s House” is because of “Mistuo” who is a brother of a wife who are in charge of restaurant’s hall.

To tell the truth “Mitsuo’s” nickname is “Mickey”, so becuase it is “Mitsuo (nickname:Mickey), the restaurant became “Mickey’s House”.

It is quite easy to misunderstand, but his nickname is Mickey, so there is nothing we can do.

If you are near by how about visiting this restaurant?

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