tdr0593_When Classic Mickey retired?


“Mickey Mouse” first appeared in “Steamboat Willie”, which was released on November 18th 1928.

Because it was black and white film, so his skin was pale and his eye was black and extended lengthwise circular.

Simple and loveable design gathered popularity and is loved by many fans even now by calling it as “classic Mickey”.

The time goes by Mickey with fresh colored skin and eyes with white color are established, but do you know when the design has been changed?

Classic Mickey last appeared in “Society Dog Show”, which was released on February 3rd 1939.

At that time it was colored film rather than black and white, but Mickey had pale skin and his eyes had huge iris.

With “The Pointer”, which was released after 5 and a half months of July 21st 1939 Mickey with fresh color of skin and eyes with white color appeared for the first time.

This new design was created by a animator called “Ward Kimball”.

Facial expression becomes colorful when eyes have color of white compare to eyes only with iris, so it is not over exaggerated to say Ward Kimball gave new life to Mickey Mouse.

To create “new Mickey” by throwing “classic Mickey” design, which was already a success away was probably a big challenge.

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