tdr0589_It is taboo using Mickey on package of food? The reason of that is surprising


There are many products with Disney’s popular character “Mickey Mouse” on.

We have so many opportunities seeing Mickey Mouse on package of commercial products not just goods that sold at Disney parks.

Mickey Mouse package is used widely that it is used on snacks, instant noodles, frozen food, drink, and especially on food products.

Also sometimes Mickey Mouse drawn on limited package.

Using popular character is exceptionally effective after all.

When Mickey Mouse is on the package that product tends to sell better, but “to use Mickey Mouse on package used to be opposed strongly”.

But why it was opposed?

The person who against that was “Edna” who is a wife of brother of “Walt Disney”, “Roy Disney”.

At that time, the plan of putting Mickey on food package was brought up in America. But Edna who heard that plan opposed that “who would buy a product with mouse on it?”

When hearing Mickey as a mouse then it has an image of “dirty” like rattus norvegicus.

It also has an image of a thing that aim food by living attic quietly and when mouse appears at restaurant that restaurant gets huge bashing that makes the restaurant suspended.

Edna opposed because of those images.

But what we shouldn’t forget is that “Mickey Mouse is a mouse, but not a mouse”.

Mickey Mouse is the most popular Disney character that created in motif of a mouse, but his body is human shaped, and character who speaks human language.

Even there is an image of “mouse = dirty” it doesn’t mean “Mickey Mouse = dirty”.

The result after overcoming the opposition is as I have explained at first.

Food products with Mickey Mouse package became popular, so that is why Mickey Mouse still appears on product packages.

If people were pushed by Edna’s opinion then “snacks with Mickey Mouse package”, which is typical Disney Park souvenir probably never appeared in shop.

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