tdr0586_Mickey Mouse used to be a mascot character at “that famous university”?


Keio Gijuku University is one of famous and distinguished Japanese university.

There is a long history with this university that it started off opening school in 1858 byNakatsu Domain Yukichi Fukuzawa getting an order from feudal lord inside the Edo Tsukiji Teppoushu Nakatsu Domain second city.

Did you know that such historical university has deep affinity with Disney?

The image character or mascot of Keio Gijuku University is Unicorn”, which is fictitious unicorn (not a horse type unicorn), but before that “Mickey Mouse” was the mascot character of Keio Gijuku University.

Mickey Mouse first used as mascot character was in a program of first rally (an eve of Keio and Waseda match).

And a year later 1952, he made a debut on decoration of Waseda and Keio match.

The reason Mickey Mouse was used is because “a mouse that eats rice (Waseda).

It is such a humorous reason.

After that Mickey Mouse disappeared from decoration because of copyright problem in 1958, but he came back from 1965.

Since that until 1981 he kept used as a mascot character.

Then from 1982 “Unicorn” started to use as a mascot character that now human like character “unicorn kun” and “uniko” is bringing the entire University up lifted.

Well, Keio Gijuku University had group rented Tokyo DisneySea in 2008.

And president and CEO of Oriental Land “Toshio Kagami” graduated Keio Gijuku University, so Disney and Keio have various affinities.

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