tdr0579_Hidden Mickey is hiding with a world heritage? The huge Mickey Mouse of palace of Versailles


“Palace of Versailles” is built for king of France Louis XIV in 1682.

It is a building that symbolizes absolute monarchy of 17th Century and is known as world heritage that represents France.

The word of absolute gorgeous really suits it and the appearance itself is an art.

Anyway, palace of Versailles is built symmetrically, so even the garden decoration is symmetry.

The beautiful symmetry can be seen with picture from up above by satellite, but at the same time popular Disney character can be seen.

The popular Disney character is “Mickey Mouse”.

In the center of courtyard, there are things that look like huge two ears, big eyes, round nose, and mouth that smiling.

You would never imagine that beautiful geometric pattern gardening art looks like Mickey Mouse.

A person who was taking satellite picture found the huge hidden Mickey accidently.

May be there are more of hidden Mickey hiding accidently at other places.

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