tdr0551_Design of Mickey when Tokyo Disneyland opened is different than now?


Tokyo Disneyland opened on April 15th 1983.

Many Disney characters were crowded like Mickey or Minnie who represents Disney inside the park.

Anyway, I am sure people who know when the Tokyo Disneyland opened already realize, but Mickey’s face is different when it opened and now.

Now his ears are one-third compare to the face and is rounded face shape, so he has well balanced face.

On the other hand, his ears were way bigger, smaller forehead, and shaped of face come towards center, so it looked unbalanced when Tokyo Disneyland opened.

Changing design flow of time happens often, but since when the Mickey’s design changed?

Design was changed in 1993, which is Tokyo Disneyland became 10th year. The new design was used from the great way to start the 10th anniversary.

By the way, Mickey when Anaheim Disneyland opened was terribly made that it cannot be help that people call it “plagiarism character” or “fake”.

Disney park keep growing and changing as the time goes.

It is very interesting to see the next change.

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