tdr0537_Above Mickey Mouse’s nose is all brain?


When speaking of Mickey Mouse’s attractive feature cannot be talk without mentioning about his huge round ears.

Actually, that ears are stuffed with his brain is stuffed.

This surprising fact proved on the scene of short animation film “Runaway Brain” that released in 1995.

Mickey planed to take Minnie who got so mad about Mickey forgetting about appointment to golf trip to make up for Minnie, but she thought she was going for a trip to Hawaii, so Mickey had to make “$999.999”.

But luckily Pluto found job offer that could get reward of “$999.999”, so Mickey decided to go there.

When he got to the destination Mickey fall to basement and captured by “Fankenollie” who is a mad scientist and Mickey used as his experimental tool.

Experimental that occurred at that time was brain exchange experiment with monster “Julius”.

He got electric shock by putting device on Mickey’s head and at that time “Mickey’s brain that is stuffed until his ears” showed on the monitor that was monitoring his head.

From that we can see that brain is stuffed above nose of Mickey Mouse. Therefore, the brain is fully stuffed except inside his mouth. He has such a huge brain, so it is agreeable that he is cleaver.

By the way, Mickey with brain of Julius completely changed the look to atrocious that is totally different than normal Mickey.

He looks very brutality, so the related products are actually very popular. It is attractive, because people cannot be imagine that mild Mickey Mouse change the look that much.

Mickey’s popularity that doesn’t even get less even how he looks is very respectable.

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