【tdr0523】Mickey Mouse changed the look frequently? The time he was X heads height


Mickey mouse has popularity worldwide now, but his figure changed frequently in the real life rather than in animation.

During 1930, he had black clothes, black tights, and red pants and wore mask only.

In 1950’s when Disneyland opened in Anaheim Mickey changed style of wearing black tights that covers his whole body, red pants, and just wearing the head that looks funny looking costume.

Both just looked like “there was a person inside”.

Then in 1960, Mickey Mouse figure changed dramatically.

Actually he becomes 2 head height.

Huge head and roly-poly body.

To compare from before it seems cuter, because it become more round and there are many areas of face was dented may be because the fabric was too soft, so it became a problem that it just looked like “ a person wearing costume”.

After that he changed to style that human body with just wearing Mickey Mouse’s head. The time Mickey Mouse became perfect and cute like we know now is much later than that.

When seeing Mickey’s previous figure knowing only the current Mickey Mouse is very shocking.

It would be better to pretend that you haven’t seen like it is black history of Mickey Mouse.

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