【tdr0518】The license plate of Mickey’s trailer…


“Mickey’s trailer” that is located in front of “Mickey’s House and Meet Mickey”.

It is a trailer that has so many camping goods that Mickey can go out for camping anytime and sells “spring roll” in front of Mickey’s house when not going for camping.

Spring rolls that have delicious flavors of “egg & shrimp flavor” and “pizza flavor”, but today, I would like to pay attention to the license plate of “Mickey’s trailer”.

You can see the Disney’s creativeness on this license plate.

The license plate says “11-18 MICKEY”.

Yes, it is written Mickey’s name and his birthday. It is so simple, but it expresses playfulness.

By the way, the license plate of hot red Mickey’s beloved car that is located inside the “Mickey’s House and Meet Mickey” says “MICKEY1”.

This is way too simple license plate.

How about checking the license plate having spring roll in your hand when visiting ToonTown.

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