【tdr0503】Mickey Mouse became “xx for one day”


We often see famous people or entertainer becoming “one day chief” to call for disaster prevention or prevention of crime on TV medias.

To wear the uniform, wear a sash, and move around all day for PR, so it is quite a work, but actually Mickey had similar experience before.

That was October 12th 1985, which was 2 years and a half later the Tokyo Disneyland opened.

When people in Chiba Prefecture started to know about Mickey Mouse, he got the offer from Chiba Prefecture association for the prevention of crime and Mickey Mouse did “one day chief of association for the prevention of crime”.

As the title says he did PR of prevention of crime to people in Chiba Prefecture and sent message as a chief of calling prevention of crime.

Because the world famous character called out, so the PR effect was huge.

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