【tdr0491】Mickey embezzlements? The story that cannot imagine from the Mickey Mouse we know


What do you imagine when thinking of Disney’s popular character “Mickey Mouse”?

I assume you imagine him a “very fine character” that he takes leadership, has strong sense of responsibility, able to do anything easy, and very independent.

But he is bit “soft in the head”, “pure hearted”, or more like “spendthrift”. There is a story that “Mickey did something so wrong” that can never imagine from the Mickey Mouse that we know.

“House of Mouse” that broadcasted with ABC America (2001~2003).

It is a popular TV series that appears various Disney characters taking place on Jazz club (House of Mouse) that Mickey runs and all 3 seasons 52 episodes were broadcasted.

It happened on the 9 episodes of first season “Rend Day”.

During this episode Mickey have behavior problems.

Mickey is the owner of Jazz club and works as host, but someday he looks after the “rent of club ($50) from Minnie who is an accountant of club.

It is rent, so he needs to pay to Pete who owns the building of the club. But Mickey purchases handful of cheese at cheese shop and spend all the rent money.

To embezzlement the rent realistically it is such a development that terrible experience waiting.

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